You know you're too old when...

You know you’re too old when…

yes. when your cosplay friends you worked with are all married now *MIND BLOWN*. I started in 2008 and I think I told myself if I was still shooting for 10 years I would stop or something.

I could sum up how everything is different. I could sum up every drama between now and then – newest one is skin color if I recall? (no I’m not going to get touch that with a 10 mile stick in this post) I could sum up nostalgia or some of the crazy shit I”ve done over the years. Just fill it in yourself with your imagination.

I think going forward, I am defintely slowing down as my contacts diminish and my life goals are taking up more of my time. It means I’m going to focus on more private shoots and more serious shoots with dedicated cosplayers with a shared vision. It means I won’t be attending more than 1 or 2 conventions a year (this year is probably Fanime and Katsucon, maybe expo?) It means I will be taking less pictures in general as the Fanime Monday grind is getting increasingly tiring for my age. It means I will be processing less photos opting for quality vs quantity.

No I’m not getting too old for this s-. stuff he said stuff kids. but I’m no longer the kid I used to be. Hell I look at the crowd and I go.
“you know… when I used to be like you…”

Anyways I have a few more conceptual shoots sketched out for the year. look forward to it!